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I: We should talk about our relationship.
C: Again? I think it’s useless, we had so many arguments about that in the past…
I: That’s true, but...
C: OK then, speak.
I: First, I would like to know if you’re comfortable.
C: Well, lying in a black box between my companions is not what I prefer, especially in summer. And some of them are still sticky.
I: Oh, I am sorry; I’ll have a look on this. But my question was about the picture.
C: Well, I lack space, the ceiling is so low, and actually I am trying to get out of the picture. See my left foot? I am almost in your world.
I: Please stay where you are or you’ll leave half of you in the room. Why don’t you just play guitar and dance in your house?
C: It's so old fashioned, no computer, no TV set, nothing from this century. I need a handy!
I: Hm, maybe I can do something about that, but I think it wouldn't fit in the picture.
C: The problem is, I don’t feel quite at ease in here and I got this holy face, from you! So what can I do with that? Shall I be boringly decent forever?
I: Oh come on, let’s have some fun and be happy. Modern women don’t stay home sewing and cooking. Otherwise they'll depress.
C: So let me out!
I: I cannot. I just can suggest the move, not realise it like in a movie or a video. I am very sorry about that.
C: You should learn how to do it. Free me!
I: Maybe with a computer, but I prefer static pictures. Oh, I have to leave you now.
C: Like always when we speak about important things.

The link to the bigger picture


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