My private diary


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My private diary

These days I have been very creative - one collage follows another, sometimes several the same day. There is no link between them except me and the date. I doubt that there will be any big exhibition of them - anyway there are too many of them. So what is this for? There is no answer, I am just doing it, that's all. And I try to share my works with other people, hoping for some resonance somewhere.
One word about painting: in my workshop I could see that painting like an outsider artist frees the person and gives a lot of joy. If I should ever paint again, that's how I'd try to do.
A collage(111/2011) that changed quite a lot. At first, there was a text saying : et après? I felt that it was about making art. But then I found it too direct.I don't like preaching. So I hid it. I then sacrified two boys at the left for another picture of struggling men, creating a sort of melancholic god with many arms on one side as he unfolds some human history. But one can see in it the 2 sides of man - a kind of a dance between action and contemplation. (I'm not sure that this hits the nail...)
B.t.w. I feel a real urge to write something every day.

Today I transformed a Renoir. Funny because of the age of the dancers. And the man has no feet to stand on, he relies on the girl. Am I the same?


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