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Saw a painting of Sophie Taeuber-Arp reproduced in a German newspaper . I was stunned how this triptych from 1918 appears today after September 11th. The 2 planes circling in the sky of the city seem like vultures. The form of the triptych goes back to altar pieces. The angels have retreated, leaving a trace in form of mere birds - who feed on carrion. And the city is empty. Time seems suspended, just before or after a calamitous event. We are alone and the sky is threatening us. I have tried to illustrate this in a collage where it is the human madness that causes destruction and distress, namely the “inspiration” from sacred texts taken as a means of destruction.
In 2009, we can say that the disaster has occurred and that we may expect more of it. So far for the pessimistic side. Maybe this painting resonates in me because I have experienced a little bit of war myself with air attacks. And because I am waiting for the result of a biopsy (which turned out to be excellent - march 9th)). I am not scared, just anxious to know. It blocks a little bit my creativity but luckily not my sense of humor.


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