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The boat, the making of.


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The boat, the making of.

As this collage changed a lot, I grabbed my camera and took intermediate pictures. I feel that this collage is linked to some events in my own past life. That's why I'll try to explain some aspects of the different stages.

At first, I took a double page displaying a young man on a boat.

I then changed him into an old man graping for an elderly, naked woman seen from behind.

But even if I could project myself into the scene, I felt the picture as a whole quite boring. I changed the man's legs into something more juvenile, fragile and going in the opposite direction thus showing his indecision.

But I still wasn't satisfied with the outcome. I peeled off the woman and changed the man's face again – better ! And now the solitary boy had to get faced with some unknown dangers, sailing towards them or trying to
escape, clinged to the rope.

for a bigger picture click here.

Now to what happened there.
At first I tried to express something on my own condition and on desire : How is desire in/of an old body ? This has been probably by last night's discussion on prostata diseases. But this is rather a medical question and the desire goes where it wants, independently from me.
The modification of the legs is a theme I use from time to time to show some fragility of the inner foundations, which is quite frequently seen with men, even without any prostata problems.
The loneliness of the young/old boy reminds me of my solitary railroad trips from Hannover to Lausanne/Switzerland when I was a boy and the anxiety of missing the station at arrival, going way too far away into the unknown (my French was not as good as today). Another souvenir is when I fell sick in South India and took Lariam which resulted in a highly depressive state with a modified perception of time that lasted till the day I decided to stop taking this pill.
And lastly, it's maybe like crossing the Acheron, falling back into childlike fear before the final destination.


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