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Here I started with the picture of the belly dancer and I tried to give the impression – like in baroque ceilings - of a whirlwind of forms. The challenge consists in maintaining coherence in the picture itself. I don’t know if there is a real structure, and I don’t remember well how the picture was done, as it went quite fast. The result seems interesting to me because the picture space is blown up, the figures dismantled and the light comes from different sources. I feel that this kind of collage comes near to the essence of this technique: cutting, tearing, separating bits of photos and sticking them together in a “wild” way. Collage means dissociation followed by new association of fragments. As I work with figurative elements, assemblage is quite hazardous, difficult – you may compare it with abstract collages or surrealistic collages where the different elements keep a relative autonomy or integrity. Collages like this one here is another kind for sure. And I don’t succeed with every collage displayed on my site – sometimes I just relax and make a “tamer” one. But I like the tension of those “bursted” collages. And I am tempted to go in this direction which I find more appealing than the display of different fragments on a flat background like tags on a wall or just an illustration with a little strangeness. I want more!


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Blog on art, centered on collage. It is meant as a sort of logbook of my creative work.


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