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This collage starts with a picture of the Libyan rebellion. I choose it despite the two lifted fingers.

I than add another picture that hasn’t any connection with it except the fact that it fits well. The idea is the men’s figure taking over the women’s (left border).

I then put on the left arm again that I had taken off in no.2. This gives the central figure a nasty smile. But still, those raised fingers!

In the next picture, I am trying to work the space at right.

I like the strange, duplicated figure but it has nothing to do in this picture, I feel. So the next step is radical:

This fragment gives an outburst to the collage, it shouts. All I have to do now is cropping the right side and I will be done.

At the end, I am quite happy with this collage: one can see the “V” in it which gives it a strong composition despite its apparent disorder. And the meaning is a little mean, there’s a feast with drinks, burgers and a laughing woman, but the man at the left border with his rifle seems threatening. It’s not a definite victory, only an instant displayed here.


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