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Why I created a new photo blog


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Why I created a new photo blog

I decided to start another blog, but without words and only with snapshots taken on my walks. I like the idea of being completely spontaneous, instantaneous. I’m not a great photographer but I try to see as I told it my students when I was teaching photography in college. I am getting deep satisfaction by taking pictures. I am not as interested in landscapes as in people seen at a glance, and above all, I adore composing a picture in a second, that’s excitement for me. Today, I went out with my camera just for 20 minutes and I came back with some nice shots!
In the past, photography was the saving straw for me when my imagination had apparently dried out. This is not the case today. I just want to do more and different things.
As for collage, this blog will continue to show a reflection on my collages and the creative process involved. I feel that the latter is no more a problem for me: I just cut, tear, assemble and glue and that’s it! Hopefully this will last for a while. It’s like being on a holiday after tormented times. And on my site, the number of collages displayed is approaching the number 3000! And I shall go on! Because collage is magical!


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