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Hi Berni, how’s it going?
Well I am fine, despite the fact that I lost my (hair(s).That’s weird.
How do you get along with it?
Fine, thanks. My skin feels like a newborn’s. There are some positive aspects. I have taken up golf again and I am better than before the operation.
And how is your work?
Well, I see that collage takes me here and there, that I follow the flow of pictures I fall upon instead of going a straight line, doing my work with a constant purpose. It’s like drifting in sea of possible pictures, grabbing one or the other, without any precise purpose.
That sounds depressing.
No it isn’t. I’ve always worked like that. I wanted to let inspiration take hold of me – myself being “void” or a channel. But I really don’t know if I achieve that.
That sounds like a mystic.
Not at all, I am very rational and matter of fact, but I want the pictures to happen, to surprise me. My collages are a kind of notebook. Day after day I write down something – a single word or a whole story. Someday, it’s just a fantasy, some other it’s about the world, depending on what I see in magazines and what is somewhere on my mind. But I don’t plan anything save the moment I’ll be sitting at my desk. I have no “message”.
Your “sources” are magazines and art reproductions – no comics for ex.
That’s right. I don’t make pop art or other “one-dimensional” art, if I may refer to Marcuse. I don’t want to please, I want to express. Pop art doesn’t express, it wants to seduce by color and absence of depth. I am traditional. I want to make powerful and meaningful pictures. I don’t succeed with every collage, but I try to approach something that I would call beauty and depth.


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