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Man of Sorrows - the making of.


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Man of Sorrows - the making of.

It's quite a time that I haven't had the patience to interrupt my collage session in order to take some shots of different states. So here they are.
The collage itself ist quite a big one; it measures 37x48cm which is one of the biggest I made with double magazine pages.
It started with a relatively uninterressant ad, but I was attracted by the figure to the right with iher awkward stance.

I then "furnished" the picture, remembering Erro's collages with Chinese propaganda pictures.

But the standing woman seemed to recessed to me, I tried another head, in order to get her in the foreground.

Logically, I paste Mao's figure into the picture. Now I have my theme: Something about ideology and tyranny.

What fdollows now couldn't be taken by my camera - it went to quickly and was too intense to interrupt the session. But you can see what happened to the collage.

(for a bigger picture, click here.

I reconstructed in fact the whole picture in order to unite the different pieces and to give it a coherent meaning. The Man of Sorrows is a typical picture of the suffering humanity and I found it hit the general meaning very well - the crimes generated by a strong ideology. As for the garbage in the foreground it is meant to illustrate what remains when the dictator is finally gone. Why didn't I leave Mao's face untouched? Because it looked to banal and I wanted something more telling. A picture of Bruce Lee was of some help at that.

Maybe that this collage seems illustrative, but it is linked to the great compositions of Flemish and Italian painters dealing with the spirit of their time. And I believe that ideology is a real problem for humanity.


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